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7 Marketing Strategies to Sell More Inventory in 2014!

Jan 17, 2014 11:19:39 AM / by lotvantageblog


Everyone wants to increase sales, so what is NEW in your marketing plan to help you reach your 2014 sales goals?

Do you have any of the following 7 strategies in your marketing mix? If so, which two of these areas would you say are most important for your 2014 marketing plan? We have been helping companies for nearly a decade with our online vehicle marketing software .

Craigslist Marketing

Backpage Marketing

Video Inventory Marketing

Ebay Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Mobile Ready Marketing (2013 Personal Mobile Usage surpassed Desktop usage)

Does the software your dealership utilizes the most, currently have applications within it, that assist your marketing efforts in these areas? If not, tell your provider to speak with LotVantage so they can plug in the applications you want for future use.



Written by lotvantageblog