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Five Myths About Selling Vehicles on eBay Motors

May 15, 2014 12:19:25 PM / by lotvantageblog

We’ve all been skeptical at some point about eBay and its effectiveness to sell vehicles. Some dealers have been hesitant to fully commit to placing their inventory on one of the best-selling platforms around. We would like to share with you some of the most common Myths surrounding eBay Motors.

Myth 1 “Prospects on eBay Motors aren’t serious buyers”


  • Vehicle shoppers are very serious about their intent to purchase a vehicle if they are willing to fork over personal info including their credit card and security codes.
  • Dealers can increase your closing ration 20% or more by taking the time to implement an eBay Motors sales process from the total quantity of prospective buyers.

Myth 2 eBay Motors is only for specialty or rare/exotic vehicles”


  • eBay Motors is a great secondary sales channel for the majority of dealer partners for every type of vehicle they sell.
  • Most dealer inventory is mixed 50/50, primary franchise model pre-owned and conquest model pre-owned.
  • Dealers are now discovering that eBay Motors is also an effective venue for selling new vehicle inventory as well.

Myth 3 – “The Consumer has to physically see the vehicle before buying”

Truth 3

  • Reports show that 70% of dealers sales through eBay are delivered to out of state customers based on photos.
  • Maintaining high feedback scores instill trust and confidence for the customer.
  • Providing ample quality photos, and make terms and conditions clear help shoppers make purchasing commitments.

Myth 4 – “We can’t hold gross with an eBay Motors buyer”

Truth 4

  • Surveys show the majority of dealer partners hold average to above average gross on pre-owned vehicle sales originating from eBay Motors.
  • Some shoppers will have an unrealistic expectation of your selling price. A good majority will appreciate a vehicle that is priced fairly in relation to their local markets. eBay gives consumers the sense of confidence that they haven’t over paid for their vehicle.

Myth 5 – “Maintaining a presence on eBay is too difficult”

Truth 5

  • Any dealer profit center would have to implement an effective sales operation just like any other marketing outlet.
  • eBay makes it easy to implement a sales strategy and achieve a significant ROI for committed dealerships with their wide range of resources.

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Written by lotvantageblog