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You're Still Missing Out On Selling More Cars with Craigslist

It’s amazing to see the transformation and dealership mindset that has occurred over the past 6 months since Craigslist began charging $5 for the Cars + Trucks category. Initially, many dealers pulled back on posting and didn’t want to spend the advertising money. There were quite a few things with this thought process that made us scratch our heads. First, dealers said that Craigslist helps them sell cars every month, but they couldn’t justify spending $5 per car. Yet 90% of dealerships will spend thousands of dollars advertising on other automotive websites. Secondly, this change did not affect the CONSUMER at all!

The Numbers Don’t Lie

This was quickly proven in the first few months when dealerships were experiencing 10 Times as many leads per ad as they did while spamming a marketplace. Many dealers capitalized on this and spent their entire advertising budget on Craigslist. According to Alexa rankings, Craigslist continues to remain number 10 in the United States.

Over the past six months, most dealers have come back and are posting their inventory back on Craigslist after noticing the amount of vehicles it helped sell every month. With the average dealer holding 60 cars in used inventory and turning inventory every 60 days, a dealer can advertise every vehicle on Craigslist for well under $1000 per month.

Don’t Get Hustled

There have been a multitude of service offerings that have come along to advertise on Craigslist, with some advertising a “special rate” with Craigslist of only $3. These don’t exist. The key is partnering with a company that is dedicated or utilizes a company dedicated to Craigslist marketing. When you are looking for a partner, make sure they make the process easy, utilize photo overlays, all vehicle information to your Craigslist ad, a link to a Landing Page, and lead tracking.

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