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Under the Radar over the Hump

Jun 26, 2014 12:18:51 PM / by lotvantageblog

*As written and published on December 10th of 2013

That’s Us Technologies is a driven, growing, and optimistic bunch

Rising in the ranks among young business leaders in Tampa, FL Matthew Brown has architected a growing internet business in the world of classified marketing for auto dealers called LotVantage. This following his success since 2006 after launching a SAAS model for the eBay consignment niche with a product that has become the industry standard to this day named SellerVantage. With his growing team of developers, as colorful and witty as one would expect a team perpetually living in “startup” mode, became interested in an apparent opportunity during the automotive industry’s slow transition from print to online advertising.

“Automotive purchasing begins online period.” says Matthew Brown.

“Let’s build a workflow that puts all of the relevant automotive channels right at the dealers fingertips.” The momentum created by this fundamental transition of print to online advertising posed opportunities to simplify this new world of automotive marketing. Internet directors at dealerships scrambled to get their arms around all of the nuances related to data feeds, posting ads, and lead management. There was no shortage of consumers not only beginning their auto searches online but also getting attune to buying cars in new formats like eBay auctions and from dealers advertised on classified sites like Craigslist.

Many advertising and website providers migrated to this arena as well to join the party in this dealer services space. “We were certainly not the first solution to market but our focus on the classifieds ads niche gave us our clear path.” says Matthew Brown. Many services have come and gone over the past couple of years but LotVantage is finding itself peering over the top of the heap in this highly competitive space.

According to Matt Brown he attributes the success to a day in day out drive towards continuous improvement and staying agile.

“When you can be agile and create software workflows for moving targets, you get to be the leader in the space.” says Matthew Brown.

The LotVantage software is an on-demand web-based product that is integrated with many powerful partner APIs. These APIs, in addition to Oracles JAVA technology extend our software’s capabilities around ad posting, vehicle data, lead delivery, multimedia and telecommunications. Integrated APIs include Google, Twilio, YouTube, Backpage, Chrome Data, Vinlink, NeoSpeech and others. The software delivers a full classified marketing solution for auto dealers to post ads and collect leads from landing pages, call tracking phone numbers, and mobile consumers.

LotVantage supports automotive business models of all sizes from small independent dealerships to franchise groups. LotVantage is also architected to support various value added reseller models through features such as single sign-on and scalable monthly pricing. That's Us Technologies is poised to support exponential growth for LotVantage through strategic reseller partnerships and dealer direct sales channels. That's Us Technologies will continue to expand LotVantage’s network by adding relationships in vertical markets.


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