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Car Shoppers Want All of the Details Before They Come In

Sep 12, 2014 12:19:04 PM / by lotvantageblog

Car Shoppers Want All of the Details Before They Come In
by Chastity Mansfield

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The continued rise of information available online has made it easy for consumers to find every bit of information they need in order to make an intelligent decision before buying. Through the internet and mobile technology, there is no longer a need for obscurity. They want all of the details up front before they even drive to a dealership to see a vehicle.

There was a time in the automotive industry when everything was answered in person. It didn’t matter if someone asked whether or not a particular vehicle had wheels on it. The standard answer was, “Come on down and take a look for yourself.”

The reason for this wasn’t because car dealers were trying to be obtuse. They understood that the transaction, the excitement, and the communication was easiest when people were face-to-face. Nothing could happen over the phone. Even simple questions didn’t always have a simple answer, particularly when it came to price.

The internet has allowed consumers to have a better understanding before they leave their couch. Now, it’s up to dealers to be as transparent as possible with the information they make available to consumers while they’re online. Whether it’s on third-party sites or on the dealership’s own website, being descriptive in the form of images, videos, and vehicle details is extremely important for making consumers feel comfortable working with a particular dealership.

According to inventory posting company LotVantage:

A picture might say a thousand words, but the details you can put into the descriptions of your vehicles have a big impact on your ability to move those units. Sites like Craigslist and eBay Motors offer plenty of room to be as descriptive as you want, so use that space to its fullest potential.

It goes beyond the words. Images and videos give consumers a closer view of the vehicle before they make the drive. This can be especially important for distant consumers who are shopping online and forming a plan of action to come out to see a dealership.

Another thing to consider is the possibility that consumers will start buying cars online. It’s hard to imagine a good number of people purchasing cars through their computers, but as trust in online transactions rise and the stability of new vehicles improving, the possibilities that were once considered remote are becoming a reality. Sites like eBay have been selling cars directly online for a while now with some degrees of success while other companies are pioneering the idea to a broader audience.

According to AutoBroadcast:

The comfort zone is expanding, particularly for new vehicles. It’s harder to imagine buying a used car without a test drive, but new cars tend to perform consistently and at high levels. With the ability to see reliability studies, consumer reviews, and every possible specification regarding a new vehicle, we’re now in a place where the industry is ready for more eCommerce.

As society embraces the digital world as part of their everyday lives, giving as much information as possible to consumers is an easy way for dealers to differentiate themselves in a competitive market.


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