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You can Buy Anything on Craigslist, Even a Pirate Ship

Dec 4, 2014 11:19:09 AM / by lotvantageblog


We are very big fans of Craigslist. It not only acts as the most cost-effective venue through which car, boat, and RV dealers can sell their inventory, but you can also find just about anything else on the site. Case-in-point: this pirate ship for sale.

It may be a replica, but that's a good thing. Shower, refrigerators, queen sized bed, a bar... this ship is designed to be lived in by a family of four. In fact, the Craigslist ad says that the owners raised their two children in the boat.

They lived on the boat in the 80s and 90s, but a job opportunity forced them to move so the boat has been docked for two decades. Now, someone can buy it for $50,000 or best offer.

One of the reasons that so many people use Craigslist to fulfill their needs is the tremendous amount of detail that can go into the ads. There are plenty of people who like the "fancy" website out there, but there are even more who enjoy the good ol' classified advertising, even in the new digital format. Craigslist fills this need like no other venue.

According to Elaine Elder, sister of ship captain Al Karsevar, "When he'd work on it on weekends, he couldn't get anything done because there was always a crowd…you know, oooh what's going on?!"

Today, the "Sultana" is available to some lucky future pirate. Here is a screenshot of the ad in case it's taken down by the time you read about it:


Written by lotvantageblog