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Why Consolidated Dashboards are Essential for Dealers

Feb 4, 2015 11:19:02 AM / by lotvantageblog

Time. It always seems like we never have enough. In fact, some recognize that it's actually more important when it comes to managing sales and marketing processes to help drive sales.

Between the OEMs, vendors, data providers, and analytics companies, most dealerships are given access to at least a half-dozen dashboards. Who has time to log into them all? Even if we did have time, it can be a data overload. How does all of that data translate into something useful where we could either look at the big picture or just components of the data gathered?

One of the most important core beliefs we put into our software was the idea of consolidation. We know how hard it can be to keep track of everything, so having it all within a single dashboard has very distinct advantages:

  • Data Analysis - Data point A can say one thing while Data point B can say another. In this competitive market, it's important to make intelligent advertising decisions based upon seeing all of the data together as well as knowing how one piece of data affects another. Through proper data analysis that is easiest through a consolidated dashboard, a dealer is able to point their advertising dollars in the right direction.
  • Ease of Cross-Referencing - We've all had to look at one report and see how the data aligns with a different report. This important part of data analysis is always much easier when compared through a consolidated dashboard rather than separate reports. Consolidation makes the data line up properly, allowing the different data points to jive properly.
  • Saving Time - This is the no-brainer that many companies have tried to accomplish but that is surprisingly elusive in the Automotive, Powersports, and Marine industries. When pulling data from different sources, it can be challenging for a single piece of software or online program to appropriately consolidate it all. This is the reason that we have all of these different control panels and dashboards at our disposal, but it's also the reason that we lose so much productivity bouncing back and forth between them.

At LotVantage, we believe in two things as it pertains to our dashboard: make it accurate and keep it simple. That's not to say that it should be so simple that it's not truly valuable to the dealership. However, operating a dashboard shouldn't require hours of training or a PhD in molecular biology, either.

Whether you want to manage your social media posts, check on the effectiveness of your latest Craigslist ads, or make a change to your eBay listings, the LotVantage dashboard is the easiest and most powerful way to accomplish these goals.

Time is money. Working through your various inventory posts and social venues should be quick, easy, and effective. That's what our dashboard can do for you.


Written by lotvantageblog