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Why Filling the Sidebar is Imperative on Craigslist

Feb 19, 2015 11:18:56 AM / by lotvantageblog

Data is everything online. Consumers love more information. They will spend a great deal of time researching a computer or getting more information about an appliance they’re considering. In the automotive industry, the love of data is even more pronounced.

Why, then, do most dealers leave some of the most important information off of their inventory listings? On some of the third-party sites, the reason is easy to see. They simply won’t take in as much information as the dealership wants to give or that the consumer wants to see. They are often limited to the basics – photo, price, miles, VIN, phone number. Sometimes, these listings don’t even allow for a map to the dealership.

Craigslist has mastered the art of data for consumers. It’s the reason that it has been so popular and continues to grow. They have the capacity, but many dealers are unable to take advantage of all of the space they have available for many reasons. Perhaps it’s because their posting software is limited. Maybe they aren’t able to get the information from the DMS to match up with the categories on the site. Regardless of the reason, many dealers have incomplete listings. This hurts in two major ways.

We’ve already discussed that people love information, but they really love the data that is potentially available in the sidebar. It’s very underutilized by many services in the industry, leaving incomplete listings floating around and not giving the dealer the best chance to sell the car.

Perhaps a more important problem with incomplete listings is that they help with searches. People will often search for particular keywords and a good chunk of these can be found by giving complete sidebar information to the listings. With incomplete listings, there are opportunities missed.

As Craigslist continues to be an exceptional source for leads and foot traffic to the dealership, the need to maximize the platform continues to rise. Shouldn’t you have a partner that specializes in innovating around these important listing sites?


Written by lotvantageblog