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Is Your Hello Making Customers Say Goodbye?

Mar 2, 2016 11:18:39 AM / by lotvantageblog

Greeting tips for dealerships

12 Greeting Tips for Your Dealership

“You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.” – Will Rogers

First impressions are forever how you will be remembered by a potential customer. You may or may not make a deal right away, but they certainly will remember whether you shook their hand and treated them courteously or ignored their needs. That’s why your dealership greeting is such an important item in our list of dealership best practices.

So whether your dealership is more of a one-man show or has a staff in the double digits to keep up with your volume, your dealership greeting can make the difference to a customer who is just getting to know you.

There are two main ways people are judging your dealership personality and whether they want to work with you. You only have a few opportunities to capture their trust before they decide to move on the next dealership down the road. So make sure you are taking a hard look at the ways people are introduced to you.

Phone Call Greeting Tips for Dealerships
When first answering a call:

1. Make Sure Your Tone is Friendly
2. Get Your Brand Name In the Introduction
3. Personalize the Experience By Giving Your Name
4. Find Out What their Need Is So That You can Transfer Them to the Right Person

“Thank you for calling [Your Dealership Name], this is [First Name]. How may I direct your call?”
“It’s a wonderful day here at [Your Dealership Name], this is [First Name]. How may I direct your call?”

If you have to send someone to voicemail:
5. Make sure to give them instructions on what information to leave
6. Tell them what timeframe they can expect a response in and who will be calling them back

7. Put the customer on hold without answering the call first
8. Send the caller to the wrong person
9. Act as though the caller is frustrating you

Dealership greeting best practices

Walk-in Greeting Tips for Dealerships

“Can I help you?”
“No thanks, just looking.”

These are the four dreaded words your dealership’s sales people expect to hear and struggle to recover from. Instead, make sure they are being coached on how to introduce themselves in order to keep the conversation going.
10. Don’t crowd their personal space
11. Listen to their needs – This is the most important part!!
12. Smile

Here are some conversation starters:

“Welcome to [Your Dealership Name]! What brought you in today?
“Welcome to [Your Dealership Name]. Is this your first time visiting [Your Dealership Name]?”
“Good morning. Thank you for coming by. My name is [Insert First Name Here, Last Name or Last Initial if You Need It]. If you have any questions or need assistance, I’ll be over here. Just ask.”
“Good morning! Thanks for coming in. Please feel free to look around all you want. If I can give you any information, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

Now here’s an extra tip.. Just in case you still get the “Just Looking” response. Let them know they don’t need to feel pressured. Give them a course of action for their research process so that you can keep control of the situation.

“Great! Plenty of our customers like to take their time looking for something that catches their interest. They usually check out our available inventory, test drive [if applicable], get all the information they need to make an informed decision, and then take a few days to think about it. Is that what works best for you?”

Keep in mind, it’s not just your words that could be turning customers away. Body language and tone speak volume to whether you value their business. So make sure to consider both of these during your phone and in-person conversations with potential customers.

Keeping these dealership best practices and greeting tips in mind can have a big impact on how your business is perceived and ultimately can make the difference between getting a sale or not.

Now that you’ve gotten tips about handling your first impression with our greeting tips for dealerships, make sure to drive more of those customers to you by increasing your inventory reach through classified ads with LotVantage.


Written by lotvantageblog