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Want to Move Your Inventory? Consider YouTube Marketing for Dealership Success.

Apr 8, 2016 12:18:34 PM / by lotvantageblog

Why YouTube is Important for Dealership Success

YouTube was bought by Google in 2006 and since then, grew to become the second largest search engine in the world! Don’t believe it? 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube per minute and over one third of the entire internet population uses YouTube.

The popularity of video marketing is fueled by a consumer demand for more visually engaging content. Automobile & powersport related content make up an important part of the demand trend!  AutoTrader.com reports that shoppers are 20% more likely to click on an inventory listing if it has a video. Soon, high quality photographs will not be enough for consumers. Video is the immanent future of online shopping!

Autonews.com reports “Search engine giant Google, which owns YouTube.com, says more than half of all car shoppers watch at least a half-hour of video during the buying process. One in four watches an hour or more, Google says.” With the majority of potential automobile buyers viewing such a large amount of video content prior to making a decision, not utilizing a Youtube marketing strategy seriously limits a dealership’s sales potential.

YouTube is an integral piece of a successful dealership video marketing strategy that plays into reaching larger revenue goals. YouTube expands your dealership’s reach and gives potential customers the interactive and informative content they are searching for. In order to reach higher sales goals your inventory must continue to be where your consumers are, and YouTube has relentlessly proved its potency in converting viewers into consumers.

Video Done More Efficiency

Video is sometimes a “turn off” word for dealerships because of its expensive and labor intensive history, but with the advancements in video software, high quality videos are possible for a dealership of any size.

The main objective of a dealership should always be sales. Youtube marketing for dealership success should not take away time from managing prospect touch points and reaching your goals. Enhanced dealership video software allows for the quick production of inventory videos.  These videos are informative as well, giving a consumer all the details of your inventory along with the better visual of the product. When the piece of inventory has sold, the software removes the video from your dealer website! The inventory video may continue to live on your dealership YouTube Channel because of its Search Engine Optimization benefits (What does this mean? Keep reading!).

YouTube SEO Best Practices

Each video can be optimized to offer your YouTube Channel the best Search Engine Optimization benefits possible. This simply means that your content will show to the right audience with the information they are seeking.

YouTube SEO best practices includes properly titling your content to attract attention. Use keywords that your consumer will be using in their search. Make sure to direct consumers to your physical location and website by placing your business name, address and website address in the video’s description. Encourage engagement with a Call-To-Action! This can be call now, get a quote, check availability, etc. Use the description area to provide the most attractive and important details to close the sale. Also, it is important to be mindful of viewers’ attention span, all videos should be about 60 seconds.

Video Syndication Strategy

There is a ton of dealership video marketing potential, make sure you are making the most of each of your videos! Post your video onto multiple platforms including your dealership site, Craigslist, AutoTrader.com, Edmunds.com, Facebook, and Twitter. For Facebook try posting a ‘featured inventory of the week’ video and with Twitter gain more exposure with appropriate hashtags.

Develop a strategy that helps you avoid redundancy by posting on multiple platforms at the same time. Spread out the posting days and times across the different platforms so that your audience is always being served something different no matter where they visit you.

Put your sales team to use! The more people sharing your video, the better it is for your bottom line.

Creating, editing and publishing your dealership inventory Youtube videos can be a time consuming process. If you have the LotVantage Craigslist, eBay or Social Media tools, YouTube videos are automatically created for you, for all your listings, Handsfree! Imagine all that time you would save! If you would like more information about how LotVantage automatically creates dealership YouTube videos, please contact us.


Written by lotvantageblog