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How To Drive Sales To Your Dealership Using Pokémon GO

Jul 19, 2016 12:18:27 PM / by lotvantageblog

You may be thinking to yourself, “Wow, another mention of Pokémon GO", but we’re certain you’ll want to read this article to learn how to best leverage this interactive game with potential customers.

Businesses all over the country are using Pokémon GO to entice customers to their locations. A pizza shop in Long Island managed to increase their sales by 75% overnight! With an estimated 9.5 Million daily active users playing Pokémon GO while skyrocketing to #1 in both the iOS and Android app market places in the first 24 hours of launching, we’ve come up with some interesting ways in which you should be leveraging this opportunity. Do we have your attention yet?

In order to make the most out of your Pokémon GO strategy, we recommend downloading and playing the game first.

If you’re not yet familiar with Pokémon GO, it is a smartphone game that uses your GPS and camera to turn your world into an augmented reality, one where Pokémon will appear as if they’ve been spotted in the real world on your smartphone screen. People of all ages are going outside, traveling around their neighborhoods, their communities and beyond, exploring and hunting for these little digital creatures that are part of the Pokémon franchine.

Pokémon GO turns local businesses into Pokémon Gyms (gyms let users train their Pokémon and duke it out with other players and teams) and PokéStops, which users can visit to collect items to play the game, such as PokéBalls.

Have we lost you yet? Don’t worry, we’ll discuss how your dealership can use this sudden craze to drive people to your dealership.

Pokémon Gyms and PokéStops were already built into the game, so there is a chance that your dealership is already a point of interest (at least download the game to find out).

We’ve already seen a few dealerships using Pokémon GO in their marketing and it’s a fantastic way to engage and grow your social media audience. This is far more interesting than just posting inventory!

Creative marketing is one way to bring customers to your dealership, but you can also lure them to your dealership using the game. If your dealership is close to a PokéStop or a Poké Gym, you’re one of the lucky ones!

Luring Customers to Your Dealership

A Lure Module is a function of the game that let’s you literally lure Pokémon to a nearby PokéStop, which will in turn lure game users and potential customers, because they’re trying to catch Pokémon. Lures only last 30 minutes and they have to be enabled within the game. You’ll need to place a Lure on an existing PokéStop with an enticing offer. Lure Modules are $1 and anyone can create them. For example, try creating a Lure during typical slow times to see if you are able to attract visitors to your business. You can also purchase an 8 pack of Lures for $7.

How to Create a Lure in Pokémon GO

1. Open Pokémon GO to the Map screen
2. Tap on the nearby PokéStop
3. Tap the small, white pill-shaped Lure Module Slot that sits just above the circular disc and just below the name of the PokéStop
4. Tap the PokéStop Module at the bottom of the screen
5. Tap on the Lure Module

You’ll know when it worked when you see hearts (♥) float around it. Start to lure users to your dealership by placing a Lure at the closest PokéStop to you.

Get Creative with Your Dealership Incentives

After setting up your account, you’ll be dropped into the Pokémon map based off of your location. The mobile game requires players to explore their outdoor surroundings, which gives you, the place of business, the chance to offer incentives and opportunities for Pokémon game goers. Think of it as a microcosm (a miniature world within a larger world); this is your chance to capture and attract people to your business and turn them into leads and customers as they capture Pokémon at your dealership.

Best case scenario, one of the game users that is passing through your dealership is in need of a new or used vehicle. Post inviting signage that offers Pokémon GO hunters the opportunity to search your inventory while hunting for Pokémon. Offer special opportunities that allow visitors and potential future customers the chance to test drive your vehicles. Get them in a car and convert them into an interested customer! This gives you the opportunity to be relatable and engaging with your potential customers. Ask the customer if they’ll allow you to record your adventure while you test drive a car and hunt for Pokémon together. Post the video to your social media accounts, hashtag the social media post (#PokemonGO, #Pokemon, #PokemonAdventure, #PokemonAt(your dealerships name), etc.), and before you know it, you’ll have people lining up to visit your dealership and explore your inventory.

Are you already using Pokémon GO? Post your Facebook and/or website link below to show others some examples of how you've used this game as a marketing opportunity.

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