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Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Dealership

Dec 14, 2016 11:17:48 AM / by lotvantageblog

Engage your Dealership's Social Media Networks with these Tips


Engaging your audience on social media and making sure your dealership’s voice stays relevant can be tough work! If you have made sure that your dealership’s social media page is set up to give you the best exposure (check out our 5 Set-Up Tips for Dealership Facebook Pages) then you’re probably starting to get overwhelmed by the idea of how time consuming keeping up with your social media content is going to be. We have a few social media marketing tips for your dealership to help ease this essential tactic’s strain on you.


What Type of Content Should I be Posting?


When thinking about what type of content you want to post it is important to remember that your audience is human, and what they want is human content. While a Facebook Business Page or Business Twitter account is created to promote your business, you can do more harm than good pushing only sales content.


Content should inspire followers to take action, it should challenge what your followers thought to be true, it can make your audience laugh and smile, and it should remind everyone that dreams do come true. Dealership case studies, how-tos, images and videos are all great options for content as well.


If organizing your content seems a bit overwhelming, try coordinating days of the week with themes and hashtags such as #motormonday or #traveltuesday. This approach helps organize your content and when you remain consistent your audience will be more motivated to join in on the fun conversations.


Why a Content Calendar is Beneficial


Building a social media calendar will break you out of the stressful cycle of reactive posting and bring you to a manageable and enjoyable proactive position.


When your social media is planned ahead of time you can relax walking into long meetings or getting called into a work emergency without the fear that your social presence will fall silent.


Beyond the time and energy it saves, a content calendar allows your strategy to come to life and to become something that really helps tell your brand story. Showing your brand personality on social media helps to establish brand credibility and authenticity.


 Tips on Scheduling


When building your content calendar there are many tools to help keep your content organized for each social platform while keeping all the information in one place to make for easy editing and review. Looking to incorporate a content calendar into your social strategy? Click here to download a social content calendar to use for your dealership.


You should schedule anywhere from one to six months in advance, but remember to leave room for on-the-spot content. This can include breaking news stories or something that’s trending in your industry that you want get involved in.


The general rule of thumb for how often you should post on Facebook is 1-2 times a day. This is dependent on your audience size and engagement. Twitter is a better platform for posting more often as the average life cycle of a Tweet is only 6 minutes. Experiment with the frequency of your posts as well as the time of days to post, this will help you find the sweet spot with your audience.


Social Success


By finding a balance of dealership posts and entertainment content, your social platforms will become an effective brand supporting platform influencing consumer interactions.


Dealerships who utilize LotVantage to manage their social media presence often alternate between showcasing their inventory and sharing content that speaks to the personality of their audience. We’ve seen great results from these efforts. In particular the case of a dealership whose typical posts on Facebook reaches an average of 3,500 users with dozens of interactions. When the inventory pattern is broken up with different content the results are much greater. For example, their recent post featuring a video syndicated by our software reached over 6,800 users and received hundreds of interactions.


Learn more about how LotVantage can help engage your dealership’s current and prospective customers across social networks.


Social media should not be a pain or a worry, it should be a creative and interactive way to engage with consumers. A content calendar will help you formulate a social media strategy that will be easy to manage and free up your time so that you can get back to your inventory leads.



Written by lotvantageblog