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5 Things Dealerships Can Do To Rev Up Social Media in 2017

Jan 20, 2017 11:17:41 AM / by lotvantageblog

We’d like to share 5 things your dealership can do to improve their social media presence in 2017. According to estimates, the number of worldwide social media users has reached 1.96 billion and is expected to grow to some 2.5 billion by 2018. Considering the number of people interacting on social media networks, it is a no-brainer that dealerships should be spending time engaging with their audience, since that is where their customers are spending time.

Budgeting for Dealership Social Media Success:

Just a couple years back, businesses were able to build up an audience and fan following on platforms like Facebook and Twitter and get in front of the majority of their followers without investing in social media advertising. However, with the changes that Facebook and Twitter’s algorithms have had in the last few years, it has become increasingly difficult without allocating funds towards social media advertising.

Statistically, only 1-2% of a dealership’s social media audience will be reached without boosting posts. If you need proof about the amount spent on social media advertising having increased by 234% in the past seven years, read the 2016 year-end CMO survey.

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Set Up an Instant Reply for Dealership Facebook Pages:

Instant Replies are a newer option from Facebook that allows you to automatically send messages as your Page’s first response to new messages. For example, you can use your Instant Reply message to let a customer know that you’ll get back to them soon, thank them for contacting your Page or give them a Call-to-Action to call your dealership to schedule a test drive, vehicle maintenance or speak with a sales representative.

Instant Reply is a useful tactic to succinctly wrap all of your dealerships social media marketing into one smooth transition to get your audience and fan base into your dealership.

Click here to learn how to set up an Instant Reply for your dealership Facebook page.

Include a Call-to-Action Button on Your Dealership Facebook Page:

Did you know that you can include a Call-to-Action on your dealership Facebook Page? The main benefit to having a Call-to-Action button on the top of your dealership page is that it is a great way to convert a savvy social media visitor into a lead and eventually, a loyal customer.

This is a good way to encourage your customers while they’re hanging out on social media to take an action towards their next purchase. A common shortening for Call-to-Action is CTA.

There is no, one-size fits all approach.

A few example of successful Facebook CTA’s are “Book Now”, “Send Email”, “Call Now”, etc.

Stand Out from Your Competitors:

Having a CTA lets visitors know that you are accessible in a place they’re hanging out. If there is one thing that you would like to master with social media, it should be standing out from your competitors; branding yourself as the “place to go” when a customer is thinking about their vehicle.

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What is Content Marketing and How to Create it Successfully?:

Content marketing is an incredibly powerful tool, purposefully attracting customers by consciously and consistently producing relevant and valuable information for your current and future customers.

Often times, the intent of content marketing is interpreted as having significance only if you can change or enhance a consumer’s behavior (ie. buy more!). We’re here to debunk that claim and show you that engaging customers, brand awareness and customer loyalty can be achieved with content creation.


Most businesses nowadays have a blog; whether you’re a dealership or boutique wedding dress shop, content marketing has significance well beyond changing or enhancing a consumer’s behavior (ie. buying more cars/trucks/boats/trailers/jet skis/snowmobiles/etc., or wedding dresses – let’s hope you only ever have to buy one).

Strategically creating content that draws people in to your social media, is the difference between content marketing and the other informational junk you get from companies only trying to sell you “stuff”.

As a dealer, delivering consistent, valuable information to buyers is ultimately rewarded with the consumer’s business and loyalty to your brand. Investing your time creating content is a sure way to build customer loyalty, brand awareness and being able to engage your target audience.

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How to Increase Facebook Check-Ins at your Dealership with Facebook Wi-Fi:

What is a Facebook Check-In?

Facebook has a feature that lets your customers virtually announce their location to their friends. Check-Ins create a mention of your dealership on their Facebook Newsfeed.  This means your dealership has now reached the Newsfeed of each customer’s Facebook friends.

What is Facebook Wi-Fi?

Facebook Wi-Fi is a way for your customers to access the internet while at your dealership by checking in to your location via Facebook. This forced Check-In means free social media advertising for your dealership.

Checking in on Facebook creates a Newsfeed story, sharing their location with all their Facebook friends. By doing this, you have now exposed your brand to the friends of your customer.


Have we convinced you yet to look into Facebook Wi-Fi? If a forced Check-In isn’t reason enough to have Facebook Wi-Fi at your dealership, within 24 hours, Facebook will send a notification to that customer encouraging them to review your dealership.

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Written by lotvantageblog