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Facebook is Cracking Down on Platform Misuse – What is the Impact for Your Dealership Page?

May 1, 2017 12:17:13 PM / by lotvantageblog

Facebook regularly works towards reducing the spread of fake news and misinformation across their network. Facebook is now putting new measures in place to combat the spread of fake news and misinformation – including improved detection (using machine learning) and suspension of suspicious accounts.

Dealerships should be aware of this crackdown via Facebook, as this could result in subsequent posts seeing lower organic reach, drops in your Page ‘Likes’, and reducing your chances to maximize click-throughs if you are not boosting your posts.

But there is good news for dealership Pages with this enforcement!

It is important to understand that the fake profiles that Facebook is automatically removing, were never going to engage with your dealership content. Removing these fake profiles can only benefit your dealerships Page engagement and reach, in the long term.

Facebook recently released a report called ‘information operations’ which details a more complex way in which the social network is being misused. This report was used to discover the more complex forms of manipulation on Facebook. The social spread of the misinformation through Facebook can potentially sway opinions, which makes the material itself somewhat vital for removal.

Facebook says, “removing inactive Facebook accounts from Page audience data gives businesses up-to-date insights on the people who actively follow their Page and makes it easier for businesses to find people like their followers through tools like lookalike audiences.”

In the short term, as we mentioned, your Page ‘Likes’ might drop. To find out if those ‘Likes’ have been removed due to suspicious activity, follow these steps:

1.) head to your dealership Facebook Insights tab

2.) click the ‘Likes’ tab

3.) then click on the drop-down calendar to select a time frame of dates to see the ‘Likes’ activity on your profile

4.) from there, you can click on the ‘Unlike Sources’ tab to see why those ‘Likes’ have declined

If the majority of ‘Unlike’s’ are due to ‘suspicious account removal’, you can be comforted by the knowledge that Facebook’s wider removal actions are at work.

Remember; don’t panic! In the grand scheme of things, this removal process is a positive for the Facebook network. It will ultimately give your dealership Facebook Page a better, more targeted reach with people who will actually engage with your content, eventually improving your Page's performance by ensuring you are able to reach real, active people.

If your dealership is seeing a reduction in your ‘Likes’ or reach, it might be worth taking the steps we listed above to analyze the causes, monitoring the performance of your dealership Page. Assessing the potential reasons for your Page activity will help you understand the content that your audience likes to engage with, overall ensuring the performance of your dealership marketing strategy.


Written by lotvantageblog