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3 Ways to Help Get More First-Time Boat Buyers on the Water

Sep 26, 2017 12:16:50 PM / by lotvantageblog




Boating Industry September Blog Post:

Jim our VP gives advice on new programs and resources to offer first-time buyers to deal with the unexpected cost of boat ownership.

With the continued need to grow our industry and bring first-time buyers into the market, according to Grow Boating, the biggest surprise for first-time buyers are the hidden costs with boating ownership.

To those familiar with boating, these are expected, but a first-time buyer is ready for the experience of boating and is not aware of the full cost of ownership or even the cost of gas to operate the boat.  It is critical for both OEMs and dealers to educate new boaters about these boat ownership costs.

Below are three ways to not only make these "hidden costs" more transparent, but provide value and guidance along the way.  Click for Full Article


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