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In A Social Media Content Strategy, the Middle Ground is No Man's Land

The evolution and growth of automotive social media has truly been amazing! We've all seen strategies come and go. Some worked and some...not so much. Nobody knows what changes will happen in social media in a week, a month, or even a year, but learning from the wins and challenges of days past, we are able to narrow down the strategies to those that have proven to be effective.

These strategies can be categorized as aggressive or casual. Between these extremes is often classified as "no man's land". 

The Aggressive Style

This social media content strategy involves both time and money. Dealerships can invest in hiring a full-time content marketing or social media manager. This team member can bring experience and knowledge to bring success. Following this social media strategy, the manager would be involved in being very hands-on by taking lots of pictures and videos to build a base of powerful outbound content that can help to draw attention, awareness, and traffic to the dealership.

The downfall of social media sites like Facebook is that they are ultimately companies trying to make money. They do this by selling advertising space and making those ads perform best so that you keep coming back to advertise. This means that any organic content will be pushed to the back burner. What this means for you is that a dealership can put a ton of effort into social media without any real or consistent return if they don't put substantial advertising dollars behind it. Keep in mind that dealers can put money behind their posts, but if they aren't filled with truly awesome content, the money will be wasted and the ROI will be minimal.

The Strategically Casual Style

For dealerships who want to have a powerful social media marketing presence but are not willing to throw thousands of dollars and a full-time employee into the social media mix, the strategically casual strategy can be ideal. This social media strategy acknowledges that organic reach is minimal but still allows for the benefits to come through social media that originate from other sources.

People are going to your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook page every day. They might click through from your website. They might find you on a search for your name. Regardless of how they got there, what they see can be an important differentiator between you and your competitors.

Rather than putting a lot of time and energy into social media campaigns, dealers that use this style still build on their social profiles and pages consistently with powerful content, but they do so in a way that doesn't take away from other activities. They use social media automation tools such as ours to share inventory, industry news, videos, and blog posts, giving their dealership social page the robust content that people want without the investment associated with an aggressive strategy.

No Man's Land

The most common social media marketing strategy that dealers are using falls right in the middle. They don't go all out with time or budget, but they don't neglect their social presence either.

By trying to do a bit of both, dealerships tend to find that they are successful at neither. Time and money are a resource and when split between two strategies, you aren't giving enough resources for these strategies to be effective. 

Now is the time to evaluate your dealership's current social media strategies. If you have the time and money to continue with a consistent "aggressive" strategy then you will almost certainly see success. However, if you are not ready to "go all-in", you know that you need to have a social presence with valuable content, want a team of experts to handle it for you, and all of this at an affordable cost, then you should consider our services!

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