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A Facebook Marketplace Game Changer

As a leader of inventory marketing solutions, LotVantage is proud to bring dealerships and service providers the latest technology to enhance the online presence. With our latest service feature, you can now expand upon your existing Facebook Marketplace presence saving you time from qualifying incoming leads, energy that your team needs to focus on working leads, and money as this is an affordably priced option compared to many other services in the market. 

LotVantage is thrilled to release their latest service add-on for inventory digital marketing solutions, Facebook Marketplace Lead Chat.

“This feature is an add-on to our existing Facebook Marketplace Inventory Service that will ultimately create a better, more dynamic, experience for the user allowing for better communications and after-hours lead support for our dealerships,” stated Matthew Brown, LotVantage Founder and Chairman.

The Facebook Marketplace Lead Chat will automatically respond to Facebook Marketplace listing inquiries through Facebook Messenger. The LotVantage AI workflow will capture user information along with the specific inventory listing that they are interested in. Through this process, Lead Chat will qualify inbound leads and feed them directly to a LotVantage dealership’s existing CRM.

“As a Facebook Marketplace Partner, we feel it’s important to continue to enrich our services. Lead Chat is just one enhancement to the services that we currently offer. We look forward to many more as we continue to grow our platform and intelligence around our digital products. Ultimately, we seek to provide dealerships with a ‘one-stop shop’ for all their inventory-related digital marketing needs,” continued Brown.

Overall, this new add-on will give users real-time responses to their inventory inquiries even if the dealership is closed, making for a better customer experience. Dealerships will be able to receive the captured lead data in real-time as the user interacts with the chat and won’t require a dedicated employee to monitor the chat. This will allow dealerships to utilize their time more efficiently by distributing and working the qualified leads that come in from the chat and after hours.