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Consistently one of the top most visited websites in the world, Craigslist has become an icon for local vehicle shopping. Easily reach those looking for a car, motorcycle, RV, or more nearby. And with leading technology, we will automatically feed your existing inventory making this one of the easiest ways for you to get leads.

  • Automated system for posting, managing, and reporting
  • Daily inventory updates including additions and removals
  • Choose full automation or manual posting
  • Geo-target cities, neighborhoods, and regions to get the most leads
  • Integrated budget management

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What Goes Into Each Listing

What makes Craigslist different than other classified marketplaces is the fact that it was built from the ground up with the local community in mind. This means that it is easier on Craigslist to reach a local audience of buyers who are looking for dealership inventory nearby that they can purchase quickly. Move your vehicles by targeting these shoppers with your listings on Craigslist. By utilizing the LotVantage software, you don't have to worry about taking the time or energy to market your inventory on Craigslist. We will automatically pull your existing inventory including photos, description, and details. From there we will place listings on Craigslist based on your pre-determined settings. You can choose what shows Craigslist such as Used Vehicles, New Vehicles, or a custom selection. Another option is going "hands-free" where our algorithm, backed by data directly from Craigslist, chooses the vehicles to list creating optimized ads for you to get the most leads for your budget. Our experts will work with you to determine the best local and regional geo-targeting for your listings, number and frequency of listings, and overall custom strategy for your specific inventory. 

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What You Get

With your Craigslist marketing strategy, you will get an influx of quality leads and so much more. Our team of marketing and technology experts are a resource for you. We will work together to create a custom digital marketing strategy that is ideal for your location, inventory, and budget needs. On top of this, our team will be in regular communication with you to make any updates as your company grows, your challenges change, and the digital marketing landscape evolves. 

Our software not only allows for automatic listings, but it also gives you an opportunity to explore through a dashboard. There you will discover which vehicles are being listed and the analytic results from those. These analytics are more expansive than any other solution available on the market today. You can take a deep dive to figure out what's working and what's not. And if you ever need guidance, your personal account manager can talk you through these analytics as well. 

Onboarding Process

Getting started is easy and takes little to no time to learn our software. first you have to decide if you want to post manually or go "hands-free". With both options, your inventory will be controlled and listed through one place - our dashboard. With the hands-free choice, our algorithm will automatically determine which listings, within your designated settings, will perform the best. Then as you receive new inventory or as your vehicles are sold, our system will automatically add or remove them. With hands-free the only thing you will need to do, is work with our team on a one-time setup. During this process our team will collect your basic dealership information, connect to your inventory management system information, and connect to your CRM. Once this is complete your leads will start rolling in! 

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